MC 5



Collating Speed                  Up to 5,000 Nails per Min.
Nail Size Length                 3/4″ to 4“(19~100mm)
Nail Diameter                     .0625″ to .148 “(1.60~3.77mm)
Nail Spec Angle                  0° to 16° Degree
Nails per Coil                      200 to 300 Nails
Electric Power                    50KVA, 3 phase 220V,50~60Hz
Air Consumption               600 Litter per Min
Electronic Mfg                   As Specified by Customer
Pneumatic Mfg                  As Specified by Customer
Space Required                  24L x 10W x 6H in Feet (7,200L x 3,000W x 1,800H mm)
Weight                                 11,000 Lbs (5,000kg)

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Product Description

For the most efficient competative production cost of regular wire welded coil nails.
This Dual Lane Collator will lower your cost by producing 5,000 nails per minute.
Equipped with dual feeders, welders, cutters, coaters and a single take apdf_02_1way conveyor with automatic rubber banding unit.