MP 01

MP 01

Collating Speed Up to 2,000 Nails per Min
Nail Size Length 1-3/4″~4“ (45~100mm)
Diameter 0.099″~0.162“ (2.51~4.11mm)
Strip Spec Angle 25˚ ~ 35˚ Degree
Nails per Strip 20 ~ 40 Nails
Electric Power 50KVA, 3 Phase 220V, 50/60Hz
Air Consumption 500 Litter per Min
Electronic Mfg As Specified by Customer
Pneumatic Mfg As Specified by Customer
Space Required 25L x 9W x 6H in Feet (7,700L x 2,600W x 1,806H in mm)
Weight 8,400 Lbs (3,800 Kg)
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Product Description

This horizontal gap adjustable lane belt feeding paper taped nail collator will produce 2,000 nails per minute with precise angle, spacing and head arrangment.pdf_010_1
Equipped with transmitter gear, adjustable bouble lane belt, induction nail pre heater, roll feed tape cartridge, rotary cutter, spary roller coater and automatic adjustable stacker.