PS 160 plastic strip

Collating Speed Up to 1,500 Nails per Min.
Nail Size Length PS-90 : 1-3/4″ to 3-1/2“(45~90mm)
PS-160 : 1-3/4″ to 6-1/4“(45~160mm)
Diameter .080″ to .162“(2.03~4.10mm)
Strip Spec Angle 0° to 40° Degree
Nails per Strip 20 to 40 Nails
Electric Power 30KVA, 3 phase/220V/50~60Hz
Electronic Mfg As Specified by Customer
Pneumatic Mfg As Specified by Customer
Space Required 5.3L x 17.5W x 7.2H Feet (5,250L x 1,600W x 2,150H mm)
Weight 8,000 Lbs (3,600kg)
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Product Description

Injection molded plastic strip and coil common nails from 32mm to 100mm long. pdf_05_1
This collator runs up to 1500 nails per minute and coats and drys nails while stacking them in piles of 10 on a take away conveyor.